The traveller’s guide to purchasing an authentic jewellery piece abroad.

With its aqua-blue waters and white-sand beaches, Cape Town seduces even the most seasoned traveler with its bustling shopping, dining and entertainment options. The rich diversity of Cape Town’s natural and cultural heritage is what makes this city so attractive.

For some, getting to know the city means exploring century old vineyards, museums and monuments. Or perhaps it’s trying to capture the scenic landscapes and enjoying the traditional cuisine. But for the globetrotter who loves to shop, keepsakes and memorabilia is a must.

Here are 4 tips for purchasing an authentic jewellery piece while exploring Cape Town.

1. Look for the ZA Mark

Treat yourself to a holiday gift. You deserve it. It will remind you of the spectacular sunsets, the good food and it’s warm and friendly people. Support the local industry by purchasing proudly South African goods. You can do this by looking for the ZA mark denoting their South African origins.


2. Source ethically-mined materials

Purchasing diamonds, gold and gemstones directly from certified manufacturers will help pay for investments in education and infrastructure while raising the standard of living. In Southern Africa, mining operations are conflict-free and meet strict labour and environmental standards. Ensuring a market for ethically-sourced diamonds is as easy as asking the question.

3. Why travelers love the freeRange JEWELS™ brand

By all means excellent customer service is to be expected from any luxury brand. But add a no-fuss return policy, a variety of international payment and delivery options and you’ve got one happy customer.

Too often we regret not purchasing an item never to return, or we love it so much we wish we could buy another. With freeRange JEWELS™ if you can’t find what you are looking for on our online store, we’ll design something spectacular for you and load it to our website with a special link for you. This means that you can view and purchase your custom designed piece from the comfort of your hotel view and have it delivered when and how it suits you.

4. Save on your jewellery purchases

Don’t forget, you can claim up to 14% back on your jewellery purchases when you submit your tax invoice. This can be done effortlessly at the clock tower nearby or at the airport.


The wonder and beauty of acquiring an authentic jewellery piece, is that it’s not just another, bracelet, pendant or charm. They’re people and places, memories and pictures.

They are feelings and moments cherished every time we look at them.



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