FAQ 3: "Do you ever receive jewellery as a gift?"

Yes, in fact, I do! In the years following the presentation of my engagement ring (see the previous post), I have received jewellery memorabilia from wherever Charl’s bike and surf trips have taken take him. Some notable mementos I have received are strands of seeds and shells from Madagascar, traditional copper wire earrings, typical of the Lesotho Highlands, as well as a pair of hand-painted disc earrings from Eastern Europe.

The wedding ring was a hard act to follow so I think Charl was playing it safe well until our 5th anniversary.

Before I get to that special piece of jewellery, you'll need some background info. I have 2 pieces of jewellery which have been on my body for the longest consecutive period: A thin silver bangle, and an anklet which I bought from a supplier when we opened our first freeRange JEWELS concept store, in 2007. The anklet had agate beads carved in the form of leaves that were threaded onto indestructible nylon thong. This I never took off, not even on my wedding day! 

Over the years, mountain climbing and hiking have taken its toll, until there were only a few lonely leaves left and I decided it was time to retire the anklet. The evening I took it off, DEC 2016, I casually said to Charl ‘you can get me a new anklet one day’

jewellery gift 2nd

Fast forward to our 5th anniversary, the agreement was "no gifts." We share a philosophy of “experience over belongings”, so our typical anniversary will be spent camping somewhere beautiful, exploring an area we had not visited before, most probably near a rock pool.

On March 17, 2017, Charl once again surprised me with a piece of jewellery. With the help of my colleague, Jodie, they put together an anklet to celebrate the first 5 years of our marriage. Unlike Charl, with his 100% gift hit rate, Jodie felt the pressure, as this was her first-time being involved. The piece however ticked all the boxes.

It was a lovely surprise! I always advise my clients to add an element of surprise, but it has been a long time since I have experienced this myself, and it was invigoratingly glorious!

It is beautiful! Perfectly balanced in every way, in true freeRange fashion. It is loaded with sentiment and contains a circle-of-life symbol (in wood), a daisy charm (the 5year flower), 5 circular details (one for each year), and finally, it has my favourite gemstone, a beautiful sapphire.

Receiving this gift made me realize how privileged we are to be a silent partner in the life celebrations of our clients, through the work we do at fR. It also reinforced my awareness of the immense responsibility we have in translating our clients’ needs into the special moments that they are hoping to create.

jewellery gift 3rd

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